Dune Bashing, morning evening desert safari dubai

Dune bashing Dubai

UAE has a lot to offer to the travel world that is why it has seen so much praise and up lift in the tourism industry in such a short time. One of the biggest offering UAE has for the adventure world is Dubai. From sky kissing buildings to never-ending shopping malls housing million of products from all around the world. They even have an artificial ski resort in the middle of the desert, for crying out loud. All this while remaining intact with their roots and introducing them to the world in a modern and more fun way, the desert safari Dubai. The old desert safari would have been a bit difficult and wilder than the one you can enjoy with fun and exciting rides, food, and cultural performances.
One of the main attractions of the desert safari Dubai is the dune bashing. That’s right the one you have seen many a times in videos. Where you are seated in a comfortable and air conditioned 44 and your driver rides you up and down the high sand dunes. Believe me, if you are going on a morning desert safari, morning dune bashing Dubai will rock your morning with a high dose of adrenaline. You will forget about your morning because I guarantee you that dune bashing Dubai will keep you up and active for the day. These rides despite of being exciting and dangerous looking are completely safe. These red dune bashing Dubai in the rising sunshine is performed by professional drivers. They know the ins and outs of this sport and make sure that their passenger is safe and sound at the end of the ride. These 44 are caged inside with with strong iron structure to avoid any harm to the tourists inside. Plus the rides and the riders are fully insured so if you come across some unfortunate incident, insurance will cover the expenses for the recovery.
So what are you waiting for, it’s time to rock and roll the desert with dune bashing and many other adventures hidden in the desert safari Dubai

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