dubai desert safari without dune bashing, Red dune desert safari Dubai

DUBAI DESERT SAFARI WITHOUT DUNE BASHING. Are you a travel enthusiast? Does the thoughts of traveling keep you up at night? If yes than you must read this article till the end because I have something amazing and exciting to share with you. What comes to mind when you hear Dubai?
If I had asked this question a few decades ago the majority of people would have said nothing, but today they say skyscrapers, shopping malls, 5 star restaurant and hotels, beach parties, and many more. These things might be great for a blogger or Instagram celebrity but not a traveler.
As Dubai is considered a holistic depiction of a modern city, it has something for everyone and for travelers it has Desert safari Dubai.
An experience full of fun, excitement, thrill, and adventure. It has something for everyone one if like blood racing adventures including stunts you would love dune bashing. But if you don’t like the thought of being drove up and down sand dunes at high speed with your stomach churning, you can still enjoy the desert safari without dune bashing. There are tons of other activities like navigating the desert on quad bikes and buggy. Buggies are special carts that are designed with a strong engine and even stronger iron cage structure for your safety. Riding these carts and bikes is the middle of the desert is an experience you will never forget.
Once you get started with the quad bikes the next on the list is the ride of the ship of the desert in the middle of the desert. Camel rides are a traditional and must have experience of the desert safari Dubai. So far Dubai safari without dune bashing is great let’s make it even better with amazing performances and exquisite food. You can enjoy unlimited snacks, dates, drinks (non-alcohol), and a full three course savory food.
The sparkling belly dance under the stray night is an experience worth traveling for. Professional tanoura dancers and acrobats performing in front of you as you smoke shisha.

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